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Maria Monchari Omare among four winners of the 2019 Alumni Impact Award. Read More.

The Somesha Mobile Application provides multiple opportunities for learning and parental support to achieve the desired learning outcomes. Read More.

Seeding the Change: The Action Foundation is preventing social stigma and discrimination against special-needs individuals in the community. Read More.

Somesha Stories promotes early literacy and is one of the first children’s TV series in East Africa to use closed captioning and sign language in all episodes. Read More.

The woman who is transforming how Kenya sees disability. Read More.

Inclusive education app that helps students with disabilities learn. Read More.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the guts to follow where our inner voice is leading us. Maria Omare is one of those few Kenyans who took a leap of faith. Read More.

Armed with her unwavering love for children and a sense of purpose, Maria set about getting premises within Kibera, where parents would have easy access to information, training and help. Read More.

Inclusive Education Enables all Children Attain Full Potential. Read More.

Every child, disabled or not, deserves a fair chance. Read More.

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