In a world that often spotlights mothers’ roles in caring for children, the involvement of fathers in their children’s lives, especially those with disabilities, is an aspect that deserves much more recognition and appreciation. It’s a common stereotype that caregiving and nurturing roles are primarily associated with mothers. However, this narrow perspective overlooks the invaluable contributions of fathers who are equally committed to their children’s wellbeing. Fathers’ involvement is not just about providing financial support but also about emotional support, caregiving, and being actively engaged in their children’s lives.

Recently, we organized a heartwarming event in both Kibera and Mathare, shining a light on these remarkable fathers. We had a “Father’s Breakfast” offering a platform for sharing experiences, learning, and nurturing relationships among fathers of children with disabilities.

This Breakfast event was a great initiative that acknowledged and celebrated fathers’ roles in their children’s lives. The event aimed to:

  • Facilitate Sharing: Fathers were provided with a safe and supportive space to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs in raising children with disabilities. This helped fathers realize they were not alone in their journey.
  • Foster Learning: Discussions were organized to equip fathers with the knowledge and skills needed to support their children effectively.
  • Build Relationships: Building a network of support is crucial for fathers of children with disabilities. The event encouraged fathers to connect, build friendships, and offer support to one another.

During this event, fathers were equipped with essential tools for positive parenting, our Tuwalinde Guide Book.

This is a booklet published by The Action Foundation, funded by Comic Relief, a comprehensive resource designed to empower fathers in the care of children with disabilities, it offers practical advice, tips, and strategies to help fathers become more responsive caregivers. It talks about topics that are essential to fathers to help them understand their children, it covers topics such as understanding disability, Early intervention, Child needs and their roles as fathers.

“We appreciate the action foundation because today we had a very interactive session with other fathers, they have taught us the roles of fathers and how to take care of our children with disabilities.”

Father of a child with a disability

Through their unwavering commitment and dedication, these fathers demonstrate time and time again that love knows no bounds. Their love for their children transcends the challenges and obstacles they face. It is a testament to the incredible strength of the human spirit and the boundless capacity of a parent’s heart.