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Dear Friends and Supporters of The Action Foundation,

As we joyfully step into the embrace of the New Year, I am filled with deep gratitude and excitement for the incredible journey that lies ahead. I want to extend my warmest wishes to each and every one of you who has played an essential role in our mission to transform the lives of children, adolescent girls, and young women with disabilities over the past 13 remarkable years.

As I take a moment to reflect on the past year, I am profoundly proud to share with you a glimpse of the milestones and achievements that your support has helped us attain. Together, we have made tremendous progress in improving the lives of those we serve, offering them boundless opportunities, essential resources, and above all, a sense of belonging.

Through our collaborative efforts, we have provided crucial holistic therapy services to children with disabilities across our centers in Mathare, Kawangware, Mukuru, and Kibera. In a testament to our commitment, we expanded our reach to an additional three counties: Kiambu, Machakos, and Kajiado, forging invaluable partnerships with their respective County Governments.

Our team and partners have been resolute in our dedication to promoting inclusive early learning and responsive caregiving for children with disabilities in Nairobi’s informal settlements. By enabling knowledge sharing and fostering collaboration, we proudly hosted the first-ever African Summit on Inclusive Early Childhood Care and Education, paving the way for transformative change. Additionally, we equipped girls in our Adolescent Girls and Young Women’s Empowerment Program with digital literacy skills, provided mentorship and scholarships, and conducted invigorating after-school STEM boot camps in our partner schools in 25 Counties.

None of these remarkable accomplishments would have been possible without the commitment of our dedicated partners and stakeholders. It is your belief in our cause that has indeed been the driving force behind our success. Together, we are shattering the barriers that hinder progress, forging a world where every child, woman, and girl with a disability can not only exist but thrive, reaching their fullest potential.

As we embark on this new chapter filled with boundless hope and endless possibilities, I am grateful for each of you. May this New Year bring us closer to the dreams we envision and the impact we strive for.

With profound gratitude and warmest wishes,

Maria Omare
Founder and Executive Director,
The Action Foundation